Useful Links
A cocker is a lifetime (12-14+ year) committment

Javalin Cockers wants you to be an educated and informed puppy buyer and new owner

Here are some valuable sites we recommend.
America's oldest dog club founded in 1881 which pre dates AKC. My parent club which has a Breeder's Code of Ethics for it's members.

Check out their recommendations for health testing when looking for a cocker spaniel.
Formed in 1884 and beyond maintaining its pedigree registry, this kennel club also promotes and sanctions events for purebred dogs. As far as we are concerned, the ONLY canine registration body for the United States

Check out their recommendations for keep your cocker healthy  and responsible dog ownership
As beautiful as they are, that lovely long coat requires regular care and grooming. You should be prepared to purchase some basic grooming tools and become comfortable using them on your cocker. If grooming is not something you want to do or don't feel comfortable doing, you should seek out a reputable groomer and  budget to visit them at least monthly.

Left un-kept and not groomed regularly, cockers can develop all sorts of health issues including skin infections, ear infections from lack of air circulation and eye problems from hair sticking into their eyes.

We begin table training our cockers to accept basic grooming almost from birth. We typically do first nail trims within 2-3 days of birth and first hair cuts once they can stand at 3 1/2 weeks. This begins the preparation for a lifetime of grooming to keep them healthy.
How to blow dry your puppy
Video I made in 2010 for the owner of one of our cockers who lives in Florida. This puppy is named Spencer and he was 6 weeks old in this video. He is the littermate to our Yeager. Spencer lives with his owner Judy in North Carolina
Basic, must have grooming supplies to have on hand for grooming your cocker
Pin Brush without balls on tips. Best for daily brushing.
Soft Pin Universal Slicker. Great for ears, backs, faces and feet. Brush gently with this one!
Sturdy Nail Trimmer. Nails should be trimmed with each grooming.
For ear cleaning - 2" cotton make up remover pads. Never use anything like a swab inside the ears.
A gentle, good shampoo. I happen to prefer this one. It cleans well, makes the hair soft and the scent lasts 7-10 days on cockers.
Fleas? Wash them in basic Dawn, let them sit in suds a few minutes before rinsing. This dries out the bodies of the fleas and they usually die quickly.
Travel Needs

You would not let your child ride in a vehicle without being secured. Our pets require the same care. We never expect to be in an accident, yet when least expected, they happen. If your pet is not secured in your vehicle it can obtain serious injury and/or death even in the most minor accidents. In addition, your pet can become a flying "weapon" and injure you or your other passengers.

Be safe and use an approved crate or safety harness to secure your pet. Crates should be buckled in or securely bungee strapped  down.

If you don't crate in the car, use an approved harness such as Sleepypod Clickit Utility .

Medium 28″ x 20.5″ x 21.5″
is PERFECT for Cockers1
One Mosquito is all it takes to transmit heartworms to your dog. Year round prevention is required. Many brands are out there which you should select from with your Vet's assistance.
White Vinegar for your cocker. Lots of information is out there on apple cider vinegar and how good it is for us and our pets in so many ways. Many Cockers have issues with know that red gunky stuff in ears or on their feet or skin. YEAST LOVES SUGAR!

For me, many apple cider vinegars contain too much sugar for cockers. Solution - I use WHITE Vinegar instead. If my cocker has no yeast issues, I use Organic Apple cider vinegar.

I have the best luck using a mixture of white vinegar and 70% Rubbing alcohol. Mixed 2/3 vinegar to 1/3 alcohol. This also cleans the ears. Best dispenser is a squirt bottle found craft and some grocery stores. This is endorsed by my Vet. Apply after each bath and weekly. It clears any yeast (that reddish brown or yellow gunk, dries the canal and clears minor infections.

Keep hair under and all around the ear canal (including upper cheek area of face) clipped short to allow for good air circulation which reduces ear issues.

Fleas and Ticks?

Seresto Collars. Cockers need the Large Size.  

These are awesome and work for 8 months.  If your dog has a reaction to it, you an remove it. You can't do that with pills, drops or the shots used to control pests.