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Javalin Champions
Champions Bred and Co-Bred
48 and counting from limited breeding! 

This list spans our  26 year 
commitment to cocker spaniels and 
24 years of limited breeding

Some of these dear friends have passed
on and are waiting on Rainbow Bridge. 
Most are now retired and
living with us or families we now consider
wonderful friends

CH. Javalin’s Get The Sensation
CH. Javalin’s Popover, CD
CH. Javalin’s Pop Over To Che-Lee
CH. Javalin’s Get It Fly Boy
CH. Javalin’s Let Me Be Che-Lee, LOM
CH. Javalin’s Lead Off Man
Korean & Am CH. Javalin’s High And Tight
CH. Javalin’s Hot Corner
CH. Javalin’s Around The Horn
CH. Javalin’s Perfect Game
CH. Javalin’s Nail Down
CH. Javalin’s Suicide Squeeze
CH. Che-Lee Javalin’s Rampage
CH. Normandy N Javalin’s Top-Flite, LOM
CH. Javalin Che-Lee His Father’s Image
CH. Che-Lee Javalin’s Silk Dreams
CH. Che-Lee Javalin’s Prodigal Son
CH. Normandy N Javalin’s Busy City
CH. Javalin’s Color Me Cinn-A-Bon
CH. Javalin’s Flash Freeze, CGC, Certified Therapy Dog 
CH. Che-Lee Licorice Twist
CH. Javalin’s The Big Chill
Korean & Am. CH. Javalin’s Popsicle
CH. Javalin’s Cold Fusion
CH. Che-Lee’s Licorice Drop, ROM 
CH. Javalin’s Tri N To Party Down
CH. Javalin Normandy Flyover Kamps
CH. Kamps-Normandy-Javalin Night Flight, ROM
CH. Kamps’ Normandy Javalin’s Flying High
CH. Kamps’ Normandy Javalin’s I Can Fly
GCH. Javalin's Red Hot Chili Pepper
CH. Javalin's Hot Tamale
CH. Javalin's Colorful Actions
GCH. Kamps-Normandy N Javalin's Outer Limits
CH. Javalin's Get On Up
CH. Javalin's Get It On
CH. Javalin's Get Your Happy On 
​CH. Javalin's The Vin Fiz Flyer
CH. Javalin's Glamorous Glennis
GCH. Javalin's Alternate Flight Plan​​
GCH. Javalin's Flying High
GCH. Javalin's Breaking Sky
GCH. Skiboo's Javalin Bell, Book And Candle
CH. Skiboo's Javalin Censational Night Action, CGC
CH. Skiboo's Javalin Colorful Censation, CGC

Up & Coming ....
Skiboo's Javalin Censational Action Plan​
and in Agility
Skiboo's Javalin Oliver Twist Of Fate, RN, TKA