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About Javalin Cockers
Javalin Cockers 
established 1994 
AKC Breeder of Merit producing 
over 50 Champions in limited breedings

Breeder of :

ASC Parti Futurity BOS January 2022
ASC Parti Best Puppy 2022
ASC Parti Futurity BOS (Dog) January 2015
ASC Parti Reserve Winners Bitch July 2012
ASC Parti Select Bitch July 2011
ASC Parti Reserve Winners Bitch July 2010
ASC Parti Futurity BOV (Bitch) July 2010
ASC Parti Futurity BOV (Bitch) January 2009
ASC Parti Best of Winners (Bitch) July 2008
ASC Parti Futurity BOV (Bitch) July 2007
ASC ASCOB Winners Bitch July 2006
ASC Parti AOM (Bitch) January 2006
ASC Parti AOM (Bitch) July 2005
ASC Parti Futurity BOV (Dog) January 2005
ASC Parti Best of Winners (Bitch) January 2005

#1 Parti Bitch All Breed 2006/Dog News, Canine Chronicle
#2 Parti Bitch All Breed 2005/Dog News,

Eukanuba Award of Excellence (Bitch) 2006
Eukanuba Variety Best Bred By Exhibitor (Bitch) 2006

#1 CH Producing Parti Dam/#2 Cocker Dam 2008
#1 CH Producing Cocker Dam 2006/AKC Statistics—Cocker Classic

#1 CH Producing Dam 2005/AKC Statistics—Cocker Classic

Over 35 ASC Futurity Placements since 2005
Over 35 ASC Regular Class Placements since 2003

A huge THANK YOU to Judges, Handlers, Co-Breeders, Owners, Co-Owners and Mentors

Committed to producing quality Cocker Spaniels
We started showing dogs as a hobby in 1984 and started with cocker spaniels in 1994 with our first litter in 1997. 

Cockers are our only breed. We average one litter per year or less with some being co-breedings with other ethical cocker fanciers.

Our cockers are rasied on almost 30 acres in our home and in the fresh country air!

We don't breed to cover show expenses or as income.

Although most of our cockers are placed as companions as pups on spay/neuter agreement, we currently have finished championships on 50% of our cockers. Many of those are retired shortly after finishing and placed with loving  individuals, couples or familes.

Whenever breeding, there are some things you just can’t predict and help. Still, you must do your homework and try to select the best cockers possible and make sure they are healthy with current heath testing for available maladies of the breed. 

Digging deeper, you have to ask questions, listen and learn! It’s as important to know what is behind any dogs you plan to own, show or  breed. True, not only for today’s winners, but for tomorrow’s healthy cocker spaniel.

They may be show dogs today, but tomorrow not only are they companions to many, they are also the future of the breed.